We protect fundamental human rights

Aware that the human person possesses an inalienable dignity,
GCHR protects human rights from an anthropological perspective.

We want the human rights protection systems to be true to their mandates.

Restricting the excesses that these systems incur is necessary to foster their credibility and improve their independence from the pressure groups that finance them.

We promote the free self-determination of people


Aware that belonging to a nation is a fundamental element of people's identity, we seek to strengthen this identity by ensuring that it is the people who decide their legislation. ( their values and culture)

About us

A non-governmental organization that, through strategy, training, and advocacy, works to build and consolidate a new generation of decision-makers willing to defend life, family, freedom of religion, and democracy.

Global Center for Human Rights stands for 663 million people across Latin America, aiming to restore their democratic authority to their rightful representatives.

Meet our team

The problem

International organizations have been used as a tool of ideological colonization by targeting countries rooted in Christian values. This occurs because decision-makers are not well versed in how the OAS and the UN work. Mainly, they do not know how these organizations bypass the legislative branch's role, undermining national law and democracy.

No one is committed to ensuring that everyone understands and respects the rule of law, including these powerful institutions.

Our team

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Sebastian Schuff, Esq.


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Neydy Casillas, Esq.

Vice President for International Affairs

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Manuel (Maloro) Acosta, Esq.

Vice President for Political Affairs

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Maria Anne Quiroga, Esq.

Director of Research

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What we do


By monitoring, investigating, and exposing abuses of international organizations, we create plans to mobilize key actors to influence decisions.


By educating policymakers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders on the proper use of international law and the functioning of international organizations, we empower and equip them for action.


By connecting and organizing decision-makers to ensure that decisions taken within the international organizations will respect national law and democracy, and litigating before the Inter-American Court when this is not the case.

Why Global Center for Human Rights is a key actor?

  • 1. We ensure that the United Nations and OAS will respect the rule of law.
  • 2. We uphold national laws that protect life, family, and freedom of religion.
  • 3. We train lawmakers and the next generations of politicians.
  • 4. We build a network at the highest level of government to influence decisions.
  • 5. We create an alliance with key actors to hold governments and international organizations accountable.
  • 6. We avoid the creation of soft law and the imposition of new obligations for nation-states, ensuring that international organizations will respect treaties.
  • 7. We propose and promote bills to safeguard fundamental freedoms such as life, family, and freedom of religion.
  • 8. We hold the diplomats and staffers - paid with the people's taxes - accountable.
  • 9. We influence the composition of decision-making institutions.